Children’s Tennis Coaching Shanghai

Sport for Life provides a more rounded tennis experience that isn’t readily found in Shanghai, but is very common and successful around the world, and delivers it knowing the demands of living in Shanghai.

Whether you wish to simply enjoy the game and learn a few tricks, meet other players with similar goals or have a strong desire to compete, Sport for Life has the perfect game plan for you.

Our junior coaching program is based upon the International Tennis Federation’s (IFT) mini-tennis structure which allows children to progress through the full court tennis while enjoying the game and learning.

We bring the game to you!

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Group Coaching Levels

Levels 1-3 utilise a variety of modified equipment – softer, larger balls, smaller racquets, courts and nets – to provide ability appropriate challenges until children are ready to progress to regular tennis.

Level 1: Little Masters

An introductory class for young kids where many of them will be swinging a racquet for the first time. Basic strokes are taught although the emphasis will be on motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and fun!

Level 2: Junior Dynamos

Major components of forehand, backhand, volleying along with introduction of the serve will be covered. Every week a new technique will be learnt along with revision of previously taught skill. While learning new strokes is important, having fun and enjoying tennis is of high priority!

Level 3: Trailblazers

By the end of the course players will show more confidence and consistency in their game. Major strokes and serve will be reinforced along with introduction of topspin and backspin. Players will be taught about game play and will gain full understanding of scoring, rules, and etiquette.
Children progressing past Level 3 have the option of moving into competitive squad training or progressing through levels 4 and 5.

Level 4: Grand Slammers

For kids who show promise and have a developed game to back it up. Players will already be competing in regular tournaments and understand all the major facets of the game. Coaching will introduce game strategy, fitness and advanced stroke technique.

Level 5: Teenage Tyros

A program specifically designed for children 13 years and above who are relatively new to tennis compared to others of a similar age who may have prior experience. These lessons provide an environment where older children are able to socialize with other players but are also given opportunities to learn and hone their skills and possibly progress quickly to our Squad Program.

*Children are placed in classes according to age/ability, so for Levels 2-4 we usually arrange an assessment

School: Mini Tennis

Tennis as an after school program (ASA) at your school is perfect for players who wish to learn the basic techniques required in tennis, as well as improving their general co-ordination and fundamental motor skills. The classes, in cooperation with your school, are generally organised directly after school time, and are held in the school premises.

Squad Program

Squad Training is designed to prepare players for competition, tournaments and provide them the environment to develop and reach their full potential in tennis. These sessions continue the technical development of the player, whilst allowing them to learn and practice advanced match strategies.

Short and long term goals are set, and players are mentored in preparation for competition.

Please note that squad training is by invitation only.

Tennis Fun Camp

During the season, we bring all our coaching kids together and run a fun tennis camp. These camps include fun games and drills, a mini tournament, prizes and awards and are a great chance for players to meet other children and coaches, and most importantly be introduced to competition in a pressure-free environment.

*Note that all credits for any rained-out coaching sessions automatically go towards the Tennis Fun Camp.