Sport for Life Soccer Academy is Back!


For those not already aware, Burnley Soccer Academy will be replaced by the SFL Soccer Academy for S2 and the future. We have some exciting plans ahead and all of the changes being made, will help give the best experiences possible for both existing and new players.

There will be participation and development classes available, including the chance to play with our upcoming competition team ‘The Shanghai Wolves’. 2019 will also see the continued growth of our Girls Soccer Program, along with our ambitions to make it one of the most progressive in the city.

More details about the academy and classes will follow very soon.

If you have any queries about any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 6282 1762 or at


可能您未曾留意,伯恩利足球学院将正式更名为SFL足球学院。 新的一年我们将不断革新,所有的改变只为我们所有的家获得更完美的体验。

新的学年我们将不断扩展我们课程的深度和广度,包括我们的学员将有机会与即将到来的球队’上海狼’同场竞技。 2019年还将看到我们的女子足球项目的持续增长,SFL将始终坚守我们的使命,致力于打造上海最优秀的体育培训学校