Recreational Soccer Classes

Under 6’s (4-5 years old)

For our youngest kids we aim to provide a fun, action packed first soccer experience. Coaches will use fun games to develop basic control, passing and dribbling skills, as well as improving coordination and motor skills.

Classes are designed with an emphasis on ball work and allowing each child as much time as possible honing these vital skills. We implement mini-soccer style games to introduce kids to the basic principles of match play.

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Under 8’s (6-7 years old)

Coaching is aimed at technical development and individual skill acquisition. Technical work focusses on ball mastery as players are introduced to a range of turning, dribbling passing and shooting skills.

At this age young players are just starting to the concept of team play and the basic principles of attacking and defending. Small sided matches give players perfect opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and to gain experience of playing in competitive matches.

Under 10’s (8-9 years old)

At U10 level young players are starting to develop their own style of play and are a lot more expressive in applying the skills they have learned in training. Sport for Life coaches construct training sessions around players gaining confidence in their skills and abilities.

Coaching now focusses around the importance of positional play and match strategies, along with more advanced skill work. Game like situations are incorporated to further enhance players skills at game speeds.

Under 8 and under 10 players have the opportunity to join the Sport for Life football leagues which take place in Pudong and Puxi.