Burnley Academy

As of July 2017, SFL is delighted to have entered into a partnership with Burnley FC, of the English Premier League, to bring the first coaching program of its kind to youth players in Shanghai. This program is a separate entity from our other SFL soccer classes. With a Premier League approved, high-level training program delivered by our vastly experienced and qualified coaching team, the SFL Burnley Academy provides opportunities for boys and girls from 4-16 years old.

Players will receive coaching 2/3 times per week plus match opportunities giving players the best platform to improve their game. SFL Burnley supports young players as they make the transition from our Player Development Centres to our competitive league teams. Players of good ability, coupled with the right level of commitment, are encouraged to try out for SFL Burnley and enjoy the experience of being part of a real soccer club in Shanghai.

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Advantages of Joining the SFL Burnley Program

  • Our ‘player-centred’ Academy coaching program gives every individual player a great chance to reach their maximum potential, both as players and people.
  • Training sessions are designed and led by experienced UEFA, FA and USSF qualified coaches in accordance with season plans that target long term player development.
  • Age-appropriate skills testing takes place 3 times per season to gauge current development progress and set continuing future goals.
  • Players follow a strict code of conduct and play in an environment that challenges and aids development on and off the field.
  • Regular extra individual and team training camps during school holidays.
  • Use of the highest, state of the art training facilities in Shanghai for our weekly practice sessions.
  • Regular opportunities for players to showcase their skills to visiting Burnley Academy coaches from England and at various international tournaments around Asia.

Club Aims

  • To provide professional, player-centred coaching for committed young players across Shanghai.
  • To provide quality competition in Shanghai and surrounding cities.
  • To provide opportunities to travel to overseas tournaments and to other Burnley FC satellite academies across Asia.
  • To provide a professional club academy style experience for soccer minded players and families in Shanghai.

Club Philosophies

  • To help all players realise their potential, both as soccer players on the field and individuals off the field.
  • To promote a style of play that requires a high level of individual technical skill and teamwork.
  • A style of play that encourages players to think, adapt and express themselves creatively on the pitch without the fear of making a mistake.
  • To foster a competitive spirit and a will to win as a team.
  • To reinforce respect and high standards of behaviour according to SFL Burnley Code of Conduct for Coaches Players and Parents.
  • Welcoming to all players irrespective of their gender, nationality, ethnicity or colour.

SFL Burnley Academy Girls Soccer

Our SFL Burnley Girls Academy program is Shanghai’s only exclusive girls’ soccer club designed for talented and committed girls aged 7-15 to train and compete together in a club environment. This program provides training and competition of the highest standards and follows the same overall coaching philosophy as the other parts of the Burnley Academy. Players who join the SFL Burnley Girls Academy program take part in a season long training program and play in the highly competitive league here in Shanghai.

SFL Burnley Player Development Centres

Our newly formed SFL Burnley Player Development Centres are designed to bridge the gap between our elite and recreational programmes. The sessions follow the same format as SFL Burnley team training, using the same coaching program and philosophies. The emphasis of the sessions is on developing and improving players who want something a little more serious than our fun filled recreational sessions.

Unlike our SFL Burnley teams, training twice a week is not compulsory and players are not selected for these teams on the basis of their current ability. They are the perfect to join for players looking to improve themselves in-order to be selected for either their school teams or SFL Burnley teams in the future.