Swimming Schedule Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020 season is from 7th Sep 2020 till 7th Feb 2021

  • Total 19 weeks
  • No class during 1st – 8th Oct & Dec 21st – Jan 3rd

Pudong Schedules Puxi Schedules

Pudong Schedules

Swim Green Court Phase 2- Autumn 2020

DayClassTime Price
MondayWater Babies (parented)3:00-3:30pm3040
Water Confidence (parented)3:30-4:00pm
Skill Introduction 24:00-4:40pm
MondaySkill Introduction 14:45-5:25pm
MondaySwim Fundamentals 15:30-6:15pm3230
WednesdaySkill Introduction 13:30-4:10pm3230
WednesdaySkill Introduction 24:10-4:50pm3230
WednesdaySwim Fundamentals 14:50-5:35pm
WednesdaySwim Fundamentals 25.35-6.20pm3230
ThursdayWater Confidence 33:00-3:30pm2880
ThursdaySkill Introduction 13:30-4:10pm3060
ThursdaySkill Introduction 24:10-4:50pm3060
ThursdaySwim Fundamentals 14:50-5:35pm3060
ThursdaySwim Fundamentals 25:35-6:20pm3060
SaturdayWater Confidence 38.30-9.00am3040
SaturdaySkill Introduction 19.00-9.40am3230
SaturdaySkill Introduction 29.40-10.20am3230
SaturdaySwim Fundamentals 110.20-11.05am3230
SaturdaySwim Fundamentals 211.05-11.50am3230
40RMB/class surcharge to non-member at the clubhouse

Swim Green Hills - Autumn 2020

DayClassTimePrice (RMB)
MondayWater Babies2:30-3:00pmTBC
MondayWater Confidence 13:00-3:30pmTBC
MondayWater Confidence 33:30-4:00pmTBC
MondaySkill Introduction 14:00-4:40pmTBC
MondaySwim Fundamentals 24:45-5:30pmTBC
MondaySwim Efficiency5:30-6:15pmTBC
MondayPre Competition6:15-7:15pmTBC
TuesdaySkill Introduction 14:00-4:40pmTBC
TuesdaySkill Introduction 24:45-5:25pmTBC
WednesdaySkill Introduction 13:45-4:25pmTBC
WednesdaySkill Introduction 24:30-5:10pmTBC
WednesdaySwim Fundamentals 15:15-6:00pmTBC
WednesdaySwim Fundamentals 26:00-6:45pmTBC
SaturdayWater Confidence 39:00-9:30amTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 19:30-10:10am TBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 210:15-10:55amTBC
SaturdaySwim Fundamentals 111:00-11:45amTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 2 11:45-12:25pmTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 112:30-1:10pmTBC
SaturdaySwim Efficiency1:15-2:00pmTBC
*10% surcharge to non-members at the clubhouse.

*Starting date is yet to be decided.


Puxi Schedules

Swim WISS- Autumn 2020

SaturdayWater Confidence 38:30-9:00amTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 19:00-9:40amTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 29:45-10:25amTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 210:30-11:10amTBC
SaturdaySwim Fundamentals 111:15-12:00pmTBC
SaturdaySwim Fundamentals 212:00-12:45pmTBC
SaturdaySwim Efficiency12:45-1:25pmTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 22:00-2:40pmTBC

Swim Lakeside Ville- Autumn 2020

Tuesday Water Confidence 33:30-4:00pmTBC
Tuesday Skill Introduction 14:00-4:40pmTBC
Tuesday Swim Fundamentals 24:45-5:30pmTBC
Tuesday Swim Eifficiency5:30-6:15pmTBC
30RMB/class surcharge to non-members at the clubhouse

Swim the Summit - Autumn 2020

Tuesday Skill Introduction 13:30-4:10pmTBC
Tuesday Skill Introduction 24:10-4:50pmTBC
Tuesday Swim Fundamentals 14:50-5:35pmTBC
Tuesday Swim Fundamentals 25:35-6:20pm TBC
ThursdaySkill Introduction 13:30-4:10pmTBC
ThursdaySwim Fundamentals 14:10-4:55pmTBC
ThursdaySwim Efficiency4:55-5:40pmTBC
SaturdayWater Confidence 32:00-2:30pmTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 2:30-3:10pmTBC
SaturdaySwim Fundamentals 3:10-3:55pmTBC
SaturdaySwim Efficiency4:00-4:45pmTBC
SaturdaySkill Introduction 5:45-6:25pmTBC
50RMB/class surcharge to non-members at the clubhouse, Price and start date TBC

Swim Green Valley Villas - Autumn 2020

MondaySkill Introduction 13:30-4:10pmTBC
MondaySwim Fundamentals 14:15-5:00pmTBC
*members only
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