Dance Schedule Spring 2019

Spring 2019 from 18th Feb to 30th June

  • Total 18 weeks
  • No class during 1-7 April (Spring break)
Pudong Schedules Puxi Schedules

Pudong Schedules

Dance Fraiser Residents

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
WednesdayBallet4 - 6 years4:30-5:30 pm3530
WednesdayBallet5 - 7 years5:30-6:30 pm3530
*10% surcharge to non-members at the clubhouse.

Dance Dulwich Ducks

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
SaturdayBallet4 - 6 years10:00-10:45 am3150
SaturdayBallet7 - 9 years10:45-11:30 am3150
SaturdayHip Hop Beginner7 +years11:45-12:30 pm3150
SaturdayHip Hop Junior9+ years12:30-1:30 pm3530

Dance Green Court Phase 2

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
MondayHip Hop Beginner3-6 years4:00-4:45 pm3150
MondayHip Hop Intermediate4-6 years4:45-5:30 pm3150
TuesdayBallet Beginner3-5 years3:15-4:00 pm3150
TuesdayBallet Intermediate4-6 years4:00-4:45 pm3150
TuesdayHip Hop Junior7-9 years4:45-5:30 pm3150
TuesdayTapall age5:30-6:15 pm3150

Dance Seasons Villas

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
(*A block of 10 weeks)
WednesdayFemale BoxingAdult9:00-10:00 am1100*
ThursdayZumbaAdult8:30-9:30 am1100*
ThursdayBallet3 - 5 years4:00-4:45 pm3000
ThursdayBollywood fitnessAdult10:00-11:00 am1100*
*10% surcharge to non-members at the clubhouse

Fraser Residences

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
WednesdayBallet beginner4-6 years4:30pm-5:30pm3000
WednesdayBallet Intermediate5 - 7 years5:30 pm - 6:30 pm3366
No.1, 600 Long, Yincheng Middle Road, Pudong Shanghai China

Puxi Schedules

Dance Jiushi Western Suburban Garden

MondayBallet3-4 Years4:30PM - 5:15PM3000RMB

Dance Ming Yuan Studio

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
(*A block of 10 weeks)
MondayBallet3 - 4 years4:45-5:45 pm3150
MondayBalletAdult6:00-7:00 pm3530
TuesdayHip Hop3 - 4 years4:45-5:30 pm3150
TuesdayHip Hop7 - 9 years5:30-6:30 pm3530
WednesdayBallet3 years4:00-4:45 pm3150
WednesdayBallet4 - 6 years4:45-5:30 pm3150
WednesdayBallet7 - 9 years5:30-6:30 pm3530
ThursdayCreative Movement3 - 4 years4:00-4:45 pm3150
ThursdayAcrobatics4 - 6 years4:45-5:30 pm3150
ThursdayHIP HOP7 - 9 years5:30-6:30 pm3530
FridayBalletMummy and Me Ballet4:00-4:45 pm2850
FridayBallet4 - 6 years4:45-5:30 pm3150
SaturdayBallet4 - 6 years12:15-13:00 pm3150
SaturdayZumba7 - 9 years1:00-2:00 pm3530
* Mummy and Me class not include dance show

Dance Portman Ritz-Calton Hotel

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
ThursdayBallet5 - 7 years5:15-6:00 pm3150
SaturdayBallet3 years10:00-10:45 am3150
SaturdayBallet4 - 6 years10:45-11:30 am3150
SaturdayBallet5 - 7 years11:30-12:15 pm3150

Dance SCIS ECE Campus

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
FridayHip Hop4 - 6 years3:15-4:00 pm1500RMB
* SCIS ECE classes will follow school ECA calendar.
* First Semester starts from Sep 10th- Nov 9th. (No class in October Golden Holidays week), 8 classes in total.
* School students only

Dance BISS

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
FridayHip Hop Jazz4 - 6 years3.45-4.30 pm3150
FridayHip Hop Intermediate3 - 6 years4:30-5:15 pm3150
FridayBallet7 - 9 years5:15-6:00 pm3150
SaturdayBallet Beginner7 - 9 years12:00-12:45 pm3150
SaturdayBallet Intermediate7 - 9 years12:45-13:30 pm3150
SaturdayJazz Senior13:30-14:30 pm3530
* BISS Saturday Advanced class need to pass an audition first, price not include dance show

Dance Green Valley Villas

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
FridayBallet4-6 Years4:00-4:45 pm3150
FridayHip Hop Junior7+ years4:45-5:30 pm3150
FridayHip hop Senior9+ yrs5:30-6:30 pm3150

Dance Lakeville Club Du Casa

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
SaturdayBallet3-5 Years9:00 - 9:45AM3150
SaturdayBallet4-6 Years9:45 - 10:30AM3150

Dance Lakeside Ville

DayClassAgeTimePrice (RMB)
ThursdayBallet Beginner4 - 6 years3:45 - 4:30 pm3150
ThursdayBallet Intermediate4 - 6 years4:30 - 5:15 pm3150
*10% surcharge to non-members at the clubhouse

Leewah Villas

(*per class)
TuesdayHip HopAdult1:00-2:00pm150
FridayHip HopAdult10:30-11:30am150
*Current season ends 15 December 2018 for these classes. Please check again after 6 January 2019 for new class times.
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