Meet The Coaches Part 2


Following on from last week’s first edition of ‘Meet the Coaches’, we continue to take a look at the Sport for Life coaching team.


Claire Hambly – Dance Coach


Claire is a qualified dance teacher and community dance artist from England, where she studied at the University of Lincoln and achieved a first-class honours degree in dance.


Harry Swain – Senior Swimming Coach

Harry Swan - Swimming Coach Shanghai

Following completion of his degree in sport and exercise sciences and his level 1 and 2 ASA swim teaching qualifications, Harry started gaining experience abroad eventually bringing him to Shanghai.


Igor Lukic – Senior Tennis Coach


Igor is a Professional Tennis Registry (US equivalent to LTA coaching system) Certified Associate Instructor and qualified at the College of Tennis Coaches in Belgrade.


Read their full profiles here. You can also register for classes online or alternatively, contact us at 021 6282 1762 or via our contact form.


Claire Hambly-舞蹈老师




Harry Swain-资深游泳教练

Harry Swan - Swimming Coach Shanghai



Igor lukic-资深网球教练




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