Holiday Camps Shanghai

Our sport camps are created with over 10 year’s experience of delivering high quality sport and physical activity classes in Shanghai. All our camps are structured to ensure participants are able to develop their skills and enthusiasm in a friendly, constructive environment. We supplement this by teaching through play, using adapted games and coaching drills to incorporate fun into our learning to make it the highest quality experience for each participant.

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Soccer Camp

Our soccer camps are run by the largest professional, foreign soccer coaching team in Shanghai, and they will be open to ages from 4-14 years. This camp is a great way to intensively improve skills with your teammates or classmates whilst in the holiday times. Each player will have the opportunity to win individual prizes, and will also receive an evaluation form detailing how they did and what they can improve on. Go to the Upcoming Camps page for venues and specific dates both in Pudong and Puxi.

Basketball Camps

Our basketball specific camps are similarly structured to our soccer camps. They are a week long intensive camp based on instilling good fundamentals whilst giving the children the chance to put their skills into competitive situations. Individual and team awards are offered to children who commit to learning and show dedication and drive in basketball. This camp also forms part of our recruitment process for our Sport for Life Spurs basketball team based at Dulwich College in Jinqiao, Pudong. The camp is available to all levels and ages from 6-16 years.

Tennis Camps

Another specific sport camp that has proved popular in Shanghai is our Sport for Life Tennis Camps. The camps are aimed at beginner’s around 6-10 years old. We incorporate fun games for fundamental motor skills and hand-eye coordination, we teach basic tennis technique with the goal to get the players hitting the ball correctly and confidently as quickly as possible. There will also be an introduction to competition in a fun, pressure–free environment.

Crash Course Swimming Camps

Our swim camps is specifically designed for younger children to learn the basics of both swimming and water safety. Swimming is a very important life skill to learn and for a child to be safe in and around the water is a huge advantage for parents. In these camps children are introduced basic swimming techniques, water confidence techniques and also water safety principles. The camps are designed for children from 4-9+ years.

General Sports Camps

If you are looking for a more rounded camp offering your children chances to experience different, fun activities including swimming, soccer, basketball and arts and crafts, this is the camp for you. This camp is open for ages 4-14 and is a great way to spend the holidays learning and improving on different sports and activities, as well as making new friends. We structure the camps to actually teach the children the basics of each sport, which is a fantastic opportunity to engage your child in a number of sports over a 5 day camp to identify what sports or activities your child would like to pursue in the future.