Benefits Program Terms & Conditions

1. Points can only be earned through SFL classes. Points within any ECA/ASA/CCA taking place within a school can only be earned if payment is made directly to SFL.

2. All points to expire if they are not added to within 1 year of last points being earned.

3. No points provided if payment is not received before the second paying class is attended.

4. No points added for non-member fees.

5. No points added for lunch fee on camps.

6. Friend introduction: Must be mentioned before payment, and only added if new customer pays more than 500RMB.

7. 50% of points can be transferred to another customer at any time. This can only occur once agreed by SFL.

8. We may from time to time offer customers SFL bonus points for specific promotions, subject to availability, but we will always advise on when the offer is made.

9. We reserve the right to vary the SFL points available, and the rate at which points will be allocated from time to time or to cease to offer SFL points. Any changes will be notified to all customers on our current database.

10. If a SFL product or service is purchased solely using SFL points any refund will be given using SFL points. No cash refunds will be given in these circumstances. Where applicable, credit vouchers will be refunded to equal the value of SFL rewards points originally tendered.

11. If a credit or refund is issued for any purchase, which is requested by the customer, SFL reserves the right to deduct the full amount of points earned in this transaction.

12. All products featured in the SFL benefits program are subject to availability.

13. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel the scheme at any time giving account holders seven days notice.

14.We reserve the right to change or amend the terms and conditions of the program.

15. We reserve the right to take any appropriate action where the account holder has breached the terms and conditions of the SFL benefits program.

16. In the case of dispute, the decision of SFL shall be final.