Children’s Basketball Coaching Shanghai

Our basketball classes provide structured coaching for boys and girls from 4-16 years old of all ability levels and focus on building solid fundamental skills in a creative, fun environment which ensures children learn to play in the correct way. Our qualified coaches are dedicated to providing a quality learning experience for all participants. Our children’s basketball program begins with our Mini-Basketball for ages 4 & 5, and progresses through Under 8 and Under 10 age groups. For most advanced and committed players, we do also have a U8 SFL Spurs option available!

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Under 6

We introduce basic elements of basketball in creative interactive ways to develop the children’s interest in the sport. We will cover footwork, passing, dribbling and shooting. We will also work on listening skills to provide a good foundation to build on.

Under 8

Here the children will have a grasp of the fundamental skills. The children will be introduced to basic team work principles of passing and moving without the ball through creative, challenging games.

Under 10

At this level the children will be able to demonstrate good footwork principals, good passing and dribbling skills. More emphasis will be placed on advanced techniques and modified rules emphasizing team work.

Under 12

We have established good fundamentals in all aspects of the game. Now through modified rules games and more structured games the players will be able to compete in a full game more effectively. The players will now have a good base to pursue basketball at a higher level.

Under 16

Here we continue to instil solid fundamental techniques from footwork, special awareness, ball handling and passing. We firmly believe that fundamental skill development should be constantly reinforced in a structured and interesting, fun environment. We will also teach using adapted game situations to enable a better understanding of competitive basketball.